Every Degen in the Cryptoverse has heard it before

Check your DM Just as you're deep into charts or discussing your favorite tokens, a wild grifter appears, promising the moon and more. Unsolicited, mysterious, and often downright fishy, these DMs are the unsung rite of passage for crypto traders. But what if we turned this ubiquitous experience into something more... entertaining?


A playful nod to the crypto community's shared experience, where we gamify these encounters and create an engaging, humorous space for all degens.

Objectives and Core Features


To transform the common experience of unsolicited DMs into a fun, community-driven platform, allowing users to laugh, share, and play while highlighting the quirks and comedic gold of the crypto realm.

DM Chronicles

Share your wackiest, most suspicious, or downright hilarious DMs with the community. Upvote the best (or worst) for a chance to win $CHECKDM tokens.

Meme Factory

Create and share memes based on DM encounters. The most viral ones get rewarded.

Join us at CHECK DM SER $CHECKDM – because if you can't escape the DMs, you might as well laugh at them.